Media Briefings

Developing a strong progressive presence

In partnership with leaders in communication and media performance, we’ve developed an extensive program to dramatically improve Congressional Progressive Caucus members’ media presence. These high-intensity briefings are designed to improve message unity, grace under fire, and overall comfort with the camera.

In the near future, a team of booking agents will work relentlessly to make CPC members available for rapid response at key moments in the news cycle. Their sole focus is to keep progressive leadership front and center on online and in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post, and Daily Kos. And, when appropriate, we’ll provide it for outside progressive organizations and activists as well.

We’re also preparing to produce our own media and build a communications team focused on promotion across all viable media – online, TV, radio, and print – so progressives in Congress are positioned to drive the conversation and lead the media narrative.

Please support our work today.